Licenses of WonderLookPro

To use WonderLookPro, you have to register valid license for WonderLookPro.

You have to install WonderLookPro to activate any license.

There are two method to activate WonderLookPro license, which are PC License and USB dongle license. PC License is valid only for the PC which activate the license. If the PC connected to internet, the license can be transferred to another PC.

USB dongle license is to be activated by inserting USB dongle with valid license into the PC. You have to continue inserting it while using WonderLookPro. If you un-plugged it, you can continue to use WonderLoolPro if you re-insert it within 30 minutes. If you don't use WonderLookPro simultaneously, you can use WonderLookPro on multiple PC with one USB dongle.

You can register Free License by the instruction of WonderLookPro with internet connection. You will receive the email with 6 digit of activation code and please input this to activate the license.

Paid license for PC can be purchased online and you will be able to activate it in no time. You can purchase the license from dealers. In this case, you have to get PC information which is necessary for the licensing, transfer it to the dealer to buy the license.

If you want to purchase USB dongle license, please contact to your dealer.

If the paid license expiration date is within 2 month, WonderLookPro will notify you the license expiration is close. Please be careful for the expiration.


functions and restrictions




This license is to evaluate WonderLookPro functions.

・Only 1 LUTBOX is available simultaneously.

・You can donwload one type of Camera's LUTs

・Upto 3 looks can be saved on the list.

・"Save to Flash" function is disaabled.(The device can not reload the LUT from its memory)

・Export function is restricted only for 17 grids DaVinci format.




Suitable for small production on-set

・Upto two LUTBOX can be controlled simultaneously

・Upto three type of camera's LUTs can be downloaded for one year

・Export function is restricted only for 17 grids DaVinci format.

・Upgradable to Standard License during the lcicense period

One year

$100 / one year


Standard license usable for allmost all of the production.

・Upto five LUTBOX can be controlled simultaneously

・No limit for the downloadable LUTs

・No limit of export function.(maximum grid count is 66)

・You can select USB dongle option (+$100)

・6 or more LUTBOX control is available as customized license

1 year

$400 / one year

4 month

$200 / four month

1 month

$60 for one monthe

7 days

$30 for 7 days

3 days (72 hours)

$15 for 72 hours

Standard Eternal

Standard License with no expiration

・Functions are the same for Standard License

・There is no limit for the period of the license.

・Supporting, version up of the software, download of LUTs are available for the first three years after activation.

・You can select USB dongle option (+$100)


(three years support)



Limited Edition


Standard License with no expiration

・Functions are the same for Standard License

・There is no limit for the period of the license.

・You can update to the new version which has the same version number of main and sub version. (cf, v3.7.5, v3.7.11)

・LUT downloading is not allowed. All of the LUTs are included in the install package.


(two years support)



Suitable license for middle or large corporate or organization

・4 PC license and one USB dongles are in the package. You can select USB dongle instead of PC license.

・20 LUTBOX is controllabel at the same time

・Up to 252 units of IS-mini can be controled by IS-TOWER interface

・Providing camera profile making service

・Answering next working day for the request for the support

One year

Please contact your authorized reseller