The termination of the support for IS-miniManager and new Campaign announcement

WOWOW Entertainment, Inc. is supporting IS-miniManager users after business transfer from Fujifilm. But it became difficult to continue this support because of the difficulty of keeping human resources and maintaining LUT distributing servers. Considering above, we have to finish the support of IS-miniManger on the last day of Sempember, 2018.

Suppots to be finished

- All of the inquiry about IS-miniManger

- All of the request regarding IS-miniManger Plus license

- Distributing of IS-miniManager 2.7

- Distributing LUTs for IS-miniManger

After the termination of the support, after October 2018, you can use IS-miniManger by your own responsibility.

We recommend WonderLookPro as a new LUTBOX control and LUT creating software. If you just need to send existing LUT to IS-mini, you can use WonderLookSimple which is delivered along with WonderLookPro installer.

We started following campaign to existing customer to introduce WonderLookPro / IS-miniX. Please check out and consider for using this campaign.

Switching to WonderLookPro Campaign

For IS-miniManager Plus License customers, we offer special prices for WonderLookPro license.

This campaign will be applied to those who ordered until the end of 2018. If you are already subscriber of WonderLookPro, you can extend the period with this special price. Please inform us IS-mini's MacAddress to confirm Plus license. One plus license is eligible for one time campaign application.

Kind of WonderLookPro License

Normal Price

Special Price

Standard License 4 month


No Charge

Standard License one year



Standard License five year



Switching to IS-miniX Campaign

To those who have IS-mini, we start "Switching to IS-miniX" Campaign.

By providing old IS-mini, we will offer you the special price of IS-miniX.

Return of IS-mini can be done after getting new IS-miniX. Please inform us the MacAddress of old IS-mini.

This special price will apply to the customer who ordered until the end of 2018.  


Normal Price

Special Price