Download of latest version of WonderLookPro

You can download WonderLookPro installer here. There are a couple of licenses for the user of WonderLookPro, but the installer is common.

You can use Free License of WonderLookPro. Just install, and input your mail address and input activation code on the mail you received. You can try almost all functions with a couple of restrictions.  

And we are also providing WonderLookSimple software. This software is specialized for sending LUT to IS-mini, IS-miniX, which LUT is loaded from file. No license is required to use this software. For Windows (only 32 bit version), it was provided in the same package of WonderLookPro, for MacOS, there is special module for WonderLookSimple.

WonderLookPro Ver4.0.0 was released!

Ver4.0.0 is the first version of WonderLookPro, which was released from TVLogic. It runs as new licensing system so please check the license explanation to find your suitable license scheme. Adding to that, WonderLookPro introduced new Look Management Interface, and a couple of new type of devices are supported.

New Licensing System

・Upgrade Licenses for for IS-mini and IS-miniX users

   From this version, IS-mini and IS-miniX users can have a benefit to upgrade the license of WonderLookPro. Even the FREE licnse users can upgrade to Bronze license, which is equivalent with Standard license.

・Paid Licenses

   To use third party devices or for the big scale productions, you still need to consider to purchase the paid license. We reduced the 1st year price a little bit and after 2nd year price was hugely reduced. Please check at the license page.

■ Functional Enhancements

・New look management interface was introduced.

・Support "ilut" 1D format. IS-mini's 1st 1DLUT is used to apply this format.

■ Device Support

・AJA FS-HDR's LUT updating function is supported.

・Cobalt 9904-UDX's is supported.

■ Bug fix

・When using proxy server, IS-mini net control was enabled.

・Other minor bugs are fixed.

For Windows(64 bit)

WonderLookPro_Ver4.0.1_x64.exe (92.7MB)

   WonderLookSimple is not included in 64 bit installer.

For Windows(32 bit)

WonderLookPro_Ver4.0.1_x86.exe (94.4MB)

   WonderLookSimple is included in 32 bit installer.

   This version is available for 64bit OS.

For MacOS

WonderLookPro_Ver4.0..dmg (118.7MB)

WonderLookSimple_V3.5.8.dmg (109.4MB)

In MacOS, "WonderLookPro is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?" could be displayed clicking WonderLook application file.

In that case, please select "open" and then WonderLookPro would be started.

Update History







Windows (64 bit)

Windows (32 bit)


Ver4.0.1 fixed following problem of V4.0.0.

・Dealer information is duplicated on License Management Dialog. It was fixed.

・Runtime library was included in the 64 bit installer to avoid the runtime error on some emvironment.



Windows (64 bit)

Windows (32 bit)


Ver4.0.0 reinforce device support and various funtions. Licenses were changed.

■ New License

・Start to provide main functions of WonderLookPro for IS-mini and IS-miniX users

   TVLogic version WonderLookPro v4.0 enable IS-mini and IS-miniX users to use main functions ofWonderLookPro without paid license. IS-mini and IS-miniX users can use functions (IS-mini/X five unit) as same as previous Standard License users for free.

・Price change

   Price of WonderLookPro license was changed, which make our products affordable. Price of "Standard License first year" is $300.00 and "Standard License 1 year extension" is price at $60.00.

Click here for more information.

■ Functional Enhancements

・New look management function is available.

・More stable than old version by using OpenGL. Performance was improved.

■ Device Support

・AJA FS-HDR's control is supported and LUT updating is available.

・Cobalt 9904-UDX's is supported. LUT update is available.

Download (WOWOW Version)

For some reasons, you might need old version of WonderLookPro. You can download from below link but these versions are out of our support. Please use them on your responsibility.

Old version(WOWOW version)'s download page.